Wednesday, 25 October 2017

season's end

“i’m so glad i live in a world where there are octobers” 
anne of green gables.

me too anne! the colours are spectacular now
 and there are always leaves dancing in the wind. 


although we are picked out of apples, we are still open this weekend...
our last weekend of the season.   

the farm looks a little spookier in the late autumn…

 it is so fun to curate a little hallowe’en magic…

we have oodles of pumpkins for you.
i love how they all have their own personality....

our margo made this sweet little pumpkin. 
we were so excited to find a package of fangs while out shopping
we wore them all the way home! we definitely got our dollar’s worth!

you can still make a pie with us…
we have some spooky shapes to use on the pastry. 

we know a witch who rides her bike here every weekend.
yes... she’s a good witch!

we haven't had trick or treaters for quite a few years.
it is kind of sad that all the kids in our neighbourhood have grown up.
we will just have to wait for their babies to get a little older! 

happy trick or treating! 
scary hugs,